Spinal inhibitory neurons degenerate before motor neurons and excitatory neurons in a mouse model of ALS
Roser Montañana-Rosell, Raghavendra Selvan, Pablo Hernández-Varas, Jan M. Kaminski, Dana B. Ahlmark, Ole Kiehn*, Ilary Allodi*
Pre-print at doi:

Neural circuits and synaptic dysfunctions in ALS-FTD pathology
Santiago Mora, Ilary Allodi
Frontiers in Neural Circuits 17, doi:


Stabilization of V1 interneuron-motor neuron connectivity ameliorates motor phenotype in a mouse model of ALS
Santiago Mora, Rasmus von Huth Friis, Anna Stuckert, Gith Noes-Holt, Roser Montañana-Rosell, Andreas Toft Sørensen, Raghavendra Selvan, Ilary Allodi
Pre-print at doi:


Locomotor deficits in a mouse model of ALS are paralleled by loss of V1-interneuron connections onto fast motor neurons
Ilary Allodi*, Roser Montañana-Rosell, Raghavendra Selvan, Peter Löw, Ole Kiehn*
Nature Communications 12, 3251 doi:

Response to Letter to Editor on the article Jensen DB, Kadlecova M, Allodi I, Meehan CF (2020)
Dennis B. Jensen, Marion Kadlecova, Ilary Allodi, Claire F. Meehan
The Journal of Physiology 599 (17), 4233-4236 doi:

Effects of Neurotoxic or Pro-regenerative Agents on Motor and Sensory Neurite Outgrowth in Spinal Cord Organotypic Slices and DRG Explants in Culture
Sara Bolívar, Ilary Allodi, Mireia Herrando-Grabulosa, Esther Udina
Experimental Neurotoxicology Methods 429-441 doi: 10.1007/978-1-0716-1637-6_19

Deep ensemble model for segmenting microscopy images in the presence of limited labeled data
Jan Mikolaj Kaminski, Ilary Allodi, Roser Montañana-Rosell, Raghavendra Selvan, Ole Kiehn
MIDL Conference


Spinal motoneurones are intrinsically more responsive in the adult G93A SOD1 mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Dennis B. Jensen, Marion Kadlecova, Ilary Allodi, Claire F. Meehan
The Journal of Physiology 598 (19), 4385-4403 doi:

LCM-seq reveals unique transcriptional adaptation mechanisms of resistant neurons and identifies protective pathways in spinal muscular atrophy
Susanne Nichterwitz, Jik Nijssen, Helena Storvall, Christoph Schweingruber, Laura Helen Comley, Ilary Allodi, Mirjam van der Lee, Qiaolin Deng, Rickard Sandberg, Eva Hedlund
Genome Research 30 (8), 1083-1096 doi: 10.1101/gr.265017.120

Synaptotagmin 13 is neuroprotective across motor neuron diseases
M Nizzardo, M Taiana, F Rizzo, J Aguila Benitez, J Nijssen, I Allodi, V Melzi, N Bresolin, GP Comi, E Hedlund, S Corti
Acta Neuropathologica 139, 837–853 doi:


Modeling Motor Neuron Resilience in ALS Using Stem Cells
Ilary Allodi, Jik Nijssen, Julio Aguila Benitez, Christoph Schweingruber, Andrea Fuchs, Gillian Bonvicini, Ming Cao, Ole Kiehn, Eva Hedlund
Stem Cell Reports 12 (6), 1329-1341 doi:

Intact single muscle fibres from SOD1G93A amyotrophic lateral sclerosis mice display preserved specific force, fatigue resistance and training-like adaptations
Arthur J Cheng, Ilary Allodi, Thomas Chaillou, Maja Schlittler, Niklas Ivarsson, Johanna T Lanner, Sebastian Thams, Eva Hedlund, Daniel C Andersson
The Journal of Physiology 597 (12), 3133-3146 doi:


Neurturin is a PGC-1α1-controlled myokine that promotes motor neuron recruitment and neuromuscular junction formation
Richard Mills, Hermes Taylor-Weiner, Jorge C Correia, Leandro Z Agudelo, Ilary Allodi, Christina Kolonelou, Vicente Martinez-Redondo, Duarte MS Ferreira, Susanne Nichterwitz, Laura H Comley, Vanessa Lundin, Eva Hedlund, Jorge L Ruas, Ana I Teixeira
Molecular metabolism 7, 12-22 doi:

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